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Meet the Spartans

Meet The Spartans — 6 years ago


I don’t think I will see a movie this crappy in a very long time. Jason Friedberg & Aaron Seltzer lowered the bar to a new nadir when they made this one.

Granted there are some funny parts in here, there just aren’t enough of them and they are spaced far apart. They used Meet The Spartans as the title but they didn’t do a “Meet The Fockers” tie in at all. It also lacks in, any kind of wit, talent and the special effects department. The only really good thing going on in Meet The Spartans is Carmen Electra.

I don’t know how they got Kevin Sorbo in this flaming POS, he is a legit TV and Movie action star. He needs a new agent and less man on man full on mouth kissing.


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