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Why I recommend this — 7 years ago


What SimCity did for Frank Miller, MirrorMask does for Gaiman/McKean. AS McKean points out in the extras, anyone with a Mac can make movies today making this a revolutionary event for movies on par with adding sound. There is a wealth of storyboards out there in comics that don’t need much tampering with. In addition, production of less popular comic books is more feasible. Directors used to treat movies like plays and gradually learned that this was a medium that could do things that plays can’t. On the other side, I think many directors have treated comic book stories like movies such as Spiderman, and Daredevil. With movies like Mirrormask, Simcity, and Ghost World, we are getting more from comics than the characters. They are expanding the way we think of a stories look and feel, and enriching the setting and plot. The Watchmen is in pre-production!


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