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Hustle & Flow (Widescreen Edition)

whoop that trick — 7 years ago


This kicked off the beginning of our themed movie week! The movie started off slow. In the beginning Adam paused it to say, “Can you guys understand a WORD of what they’re saying!?” We all just kind of said “Well, no, kind of, not really, sort of” and then pressed play and moved on. Once we got past the cheesy “trade this keyboard for some weed” scene where he’s dubbed “Stevie Wonder”, it got good. That part was just a tad too hokey. But it was HILARIOUS because the beats that were built into that little keyboard were the same beats that OUR keyboard had growing up: Adam said they were his, too. Like I told B, who knew what potential we had for discovering great songs with that little Casio? Unfortunately we never got past just feeling cool that we could hit a button and hear that beat in 1993. Anyway, I enjoyed the movie and we’ve been singing “whoop that trick” and “it’s hard out here for a pimp” ever since. I didn’t expect much from this film and I got a lot out of it.


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