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Get suggestions from people who share your interests.

The life of the modern consumer isn’t easy. So many options. So many choices. So many decisions. That’s why we’ve channeled the powers of the interweb to make your life just a little bit easier. As you use All Consuming you can make a list of items you intend to read, watch, or listen to. These items get added to your “should list”. But what makes the “should list” special is that anyone can add an item to your “should list”. You don’t have to take a stranger’s recommendation, but you can and it might be fun to do so now and then.

Your “should list” will also rank your prospective consumption by other people’s suggestions. Perhaps your friends know better than you what you really should be listening to?

Another fun feature on the homepage of All Consuming that lets you ask the world for a suggestion. In a few words, you craft a description of the sort of book you are interested in, then sit back and watch the recommendations flow in.

There are several other features built in to All Consuming that can help you find more books, movies, music or food you love. On each page of the site, we’ll show you that people who consumed one thing also consumed some others. We mix the movies and music, books and food all together and what comes up are some pretty entertaining suggestions.

Another way to get recommendations is to browse other user’s collections to see what they’ve been reading, watching and listening to. We make it easy to get started by showing you 5 users who’s tastes most overlap with yours. Look on your profile page for “People consuming the same things as you”.

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