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Share your excitement about what you are reading or listening to

We all know the great feeling of reading a book that changes our life. Now you can share that feeling with someone else. Heck, you can share it with the whole interweb. All Consuming has several ways to make it easy to share what you are consuming with others.

  • Making a list of what you are reading or listening to can provide inspiration (or at least a clue) to your adoring fans. All items posted on All Consuming are public.
  • You can put a list of what you are consuming on your blog.
  • You can write an entry about any item you’ve consumed. Heck, you can comment and cheer, tag, and recommend items to others.
  • You can even post a natty formatted entry to your blog from All Consuming.

Learn more

  1. Catalog your books, music, movies, meals and more. learn how . . .
  2. Get suggestions on what to read, watch or eat from people who share your tastes. learn how . . .
  3. Share your excitement about a great book, album, movie, meal, or gadget. learn how . . .

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