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Frequently Asked Questions

What is All Consuming?

It’s a website where you can track and talk about the books, music, movies, food and other items that interest you. You can mark a product one of three ways: I am consuming this, I have consumed this, and I intend to consume this.

Why is it called All Consuming?

All Consuming means many things to many people. Some folks take it literally, as in “consumerism”. Others take it to mean being “consumed” by a great book, album, movie or delectable food. Think double entendre with a sprinkle of irony.

Can I have my All Consuming list on my website?

Yes you can.

What is my “Should List”?

Any user can suggest an item for you to consume. You can accept or reject the suggestion. If you accept, it’ll go on your should list of the items you intend to consume. Your should list is a glimpse at your future self. You can influence friends and perfect strangers by suggesting items which you think they should consume. Got to any person’s profile page and click the “suggest an item” link.

Already a User?

If you already have a 43 Things, 43 Places, 43 People or Lists of Bests account then you automatically have an All Consuming account. One site fits all. When you mark thing as “consuming” or “consumed” on All Consuming, Lists of Bests lists will already recognize that you’re reading that book or have watched that movie. Same with 43 Places, 43 People and 43 Things … all the sites play well together.

How do I remove an item from my list?

  1. go the detail page for the item you want to remove
  2. make sure you’ve rated the item (wishy-washy doesn’t count)
  3. click the ‘x’ in the upper right next to “I have consumed this”
  4. the item will now be off your list

How do I export my books data to Goodreads?

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Save this file
  3. Follow the directions to ‘Import from a File’ at Goodreads

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